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Kinesse Leather Co. is a custom and MTO leather clothing company specializing in men’s, women’s, and children’s leather garments. Based in Dallas, Tx, Kinesse is most notably known for our Varsity Essential Jackets and Bomber Essential Jackets, which are crafted with premium lambskin leather.

The development process of Kinesse was initiated during childhood by my Mother, who made it a priority to ensure my brother and I always looked the part. It was not an act of materialism or forcing us into designer brand, but more of a norm that was established in our household.

I later learned that her acts were influenced by my two grandmothers who were both named Dorothy. A philosophy of my father’s mother was “when you leave the house be sure you look like something”. And my mom’s mother had a philosophy that her job was to “dress, rest, and request”. So, as you can see what one wears or how they presents themselves goes back generations in my Family. In addition to my Mother, I would argue that two grandmothers have also had a significant impact on developing the foundation of Kinesse.

One of the most important principle ingrained into developing the foundation of Kinesse through my upbringing was “It’s not on you, it’s in you”. Meaning, while it’s perfectly fine to put effort into looking your best, just be certain you put even more effort into sharpening your mind and doing good work toward others.

In addition, I was advised that a vital step in the process to discovering your destiny is to identify your Passion, Ability, Experience, and Personality and where these 4 things converge. I can confidently say that Kinesse is a byproduct of these four areas converging.

 - K. Stinson